Managing Your Practice


OMSP BACK OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES are designed to protect you and manage your investment in your practice, while making it possible for you to focus on patient needs and growing your practice.


REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT designed to efficiently bill the maximum allowable for your services and manage collections for optimum cash flow. Banking and merchant services relations we have established ensure your money is safe.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE PROCESSING not only includes processing of all invoices. As you are ready to acquire new services and equipment, we assist with contract reviews and negotiation of the best prices. We also manage compliance of federal regulations by issuing 1099’s and filing the required 1096 with the I.R.S.

PAYROLL PROCESSING services guarantee employees receives their compensation according to schedule and that you are in compliance with federal and state tax depositing requirements and tax returns.

HUMAN RESOURCE services will manage employee enrollments and separations, and provide professional guidance on HR issues. Services also include procurement of benefit plans for your employees, development of a customized policy and procedure manual, and Human Resource management for compliance with associated employee government regulations.

INSURANCE procurement of business policies will ensure that your practice assets are covered should a loss occur. Preparation of the annual audit required for your workers compensation coverage is also included in our services.

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTING on a monthly basis includes a practice analysis and we are available to discuss opportunities for greater efficiency and financial planning. Preparation of your monthly sales and use tax returns, along with your annual corporate federal income tax return is included in our services.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS support and training is included for the OnlineMedSys practice management software on a 24/7 basis.

Successfully Launching Your New Practice


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